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Ocean plastics is a growing problem that originates inland via our rivers. Investing toward catching it before it washes to sea makes practical sense.
OPB: Plastic Rafts; Plastic in Rivers; Oysters with a Side of Plastic



Silt runoffs clog salmon spawning grounds, sometimes as a result of eroded ground laid bare by catastrophic wildfire.
Heavy equipment, such as backhoes and excavators, leave a large, wide, and heavy footprint, where the method used by WDFW and NWMP makes much more ecological sense because the sizes of the equipment accommodates any stream width and ground contour. 
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StreamSavers is following HB2737

The facts: This bill asks for a Waterway Enhancement Fund to be created and funded with at least 50% of fine moneys that DEQ collects annually.
This fund would only be used for in-stream clean up.
EPA has 34 categories of water pollution.
DEQ has not tested all Oregon waterways for pollution, according to the most recent reporting at EPA's "How's My Waterway" online database, and may not have reported "Trash" as a source of impairment in Oregon's waterways.


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