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Welcome to StreamSavers...

a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

"Erasing the negative effects of man and nature upon nature."
With our combined efforts, we remove the following water contaminants:


• Lead

• Mercury

• Trash

• Toxic Debris

 All of these things pose water health and safety risks to humans and the environment. Every year children and adults are harmed by the unseen dangers that lurk below the surface of the water. Every year pounds upon pounds of poisonous lead gets dumped into our waterways by fishing and hunting enthusiasts. Mercury enters our waters via environmental fall out and erosion of mercury ores.


Normally, these are silent hazards, unseen under the water, but they persist and pollute. StreamSavers is an organization formed for the purpose of cleaning these waters, making them safe for you and our environment. We are in the water, not the courtroom, with a pure conservationist vision - keeping your world safe.





StreamSavers is a conservative conservation

organization that cleans streams using re-purposed dredge technology to mechanically remove natural and man-made contaminants.

Cleaner Water Through Advanced Dredging Technology

Let Us Save Your Stream.

Why StreamSavers?

Our dredge process  removal of waste from precious waterways starts with our analysis and plan of action for removal of lead, mercury and other contaminants.

Our Process

Quite simply, we remove pollution from streams, rivers and waterways. Our goal is to make both the client and the earth happy.



We have been working with people to make a difference on the environment and it's working! Tell us about your project so that we can add your success story to our portfolio of satisfied clients.




Our Goals

StreamSavers is organized for the purpose of cleaning watersheds. We identify and target aquatic natural and man-made threats to wildlife and human health and safety for the purpose of removal or remediation, identify risks and create safety reports for local governments with natural water recreation areas, and conduct community-based education and cleanup projects in schools and community fairs using hands-on display stations and video presentations of risks, remediation and supporting work methods. 
It is our duty to create and establish the best aquatic habitat and public health from the upper reaches of tributaries to the point the fresh water reaches the ocean in order to create optimal spawning grounds for native fish, safe, clean public recreation areas, vibrant sport fishing and river sport economies, and increased equipment-life for municipal water treatment, irrigation and other water pumping systems. We do this by using current state agency reports and our own research to identify problem areas, and then using local professionals and existing equipment rectify to the problems with a hands-on approach.

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In 2013, David and Karen Darnell knew that an important activity that brought side-benefits to Oregon's stream ecology and public safety was coming to an end. Since the mid 1950's, for about three months of every year, gold miners from around the nation would come to Oregon to suction dredge for gold, and as a byproduct, would remove a large amount of hazardous materials such as lead, mercury and other dangerous industrial and user-added debris from Oregon's most ecologically precious and most widely recreated upon watersheds. Their practice also re-contoured channel-clogging silts that prevent fish passage. 
They also knew the personal safety hazards that existed for swimmers and waders because their young daughter sliced an artery on the top of her foot on a piece on glass in Silverton Reservoir and needed immediate emergency room care. Knowing that the positive health and safety benefit of suction dredge mining would no longer be available to much of Oregon's river systems because of the coming ban on the mining practice, the Darnell's sought to put together a stream cleaning team for the public's benefit, utilizing local professionals. 


Tell us about your project.


Cave Junction, OR

Tel: (541) 241-6633

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